Our Mission

Our mission is to bring volunteers from all over the world to help our deprived communities. When you travel to the remote area’s in Ghana, all that you see are children schooling under trees, homeless and unsafe water supplies. It’s our dream to bring them to a proper care. We know we can’t do it all by ourselves, but we will try our best to do all that we can.

There are many children in Ghana who need help and it saddens our hearts when we visit them and see them roaming about in town without a proper home or education. 


Children/Youth:  Ghana has quite a large number of children who are homeless despite the numerous promises we get from our government and the political parties. The years goes by with the number of children increasing without homes and help from the government.  We hope to help these children together with our volunteers to see the children someday and say that our help made them who they are today.

Women: The population of women in Ghana is much greater than men, most of these women don’t have education and same applies to their children. This continues to be so generation after generation because they have never known education. We aim to help these women by educating them on small scale businesses to earn some money for themselves and their children through our microfinance project. 

Our Projects

Become a Volunteer

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